Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vedah

  vedah—the Vedic literature    Bg 17.23, SB 3.12.34
  vedah—the Vedas    SB 1.4.20, SB 8.1.29
  vedah—the original source of knowledge    SB 1.4.20
  vedah—the Vedas, books of knowledge    SB 6.1.40
  vedah—the Vedas.    SB 8.12.44
  vedah—book of transcendental knowledge    SB 9.14.48
  vedah—Vedic literatures    Bg 2.45
  vedah—revealed scriptures    SB 1.2.28-29
  vedah—the book of knowledge    SB 1.4.24
  vedah—supreme knowledge    SB 1.19.23
  vedah—knowledge    SB 2.5.15
  vedah—divisions of the Vedas    SB 3.7.41
  vedah—the Vedic culture    SB 7.2.12
  vedah—the Vedic knowledge    SB 8.3.22-24

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vedah

  dhanuh-vedah—knowledge in the art of manipulating bows and arrows    SB 1.7.44
  jata-vedah—from which all the devoteeís desires are fulfilled    SB 5.7.14
  jata-vedah—O fire-god    SB 5.20.17
  jata-vedah—the producer of wealth or of all necessities of life    SB 8.5.35
  jata-vedah—meant for material enjoyment according to the Vedic principles    SB 9.14.46
  jata-vedah—fire personified    SB 10.10.28
  sama-vedah—the Sama-veda    Bg 10.22
  vedah ca—and the Vedic knowledge    SB 10.4.41
  vedah te—followers of the respective Vedas    SB 1.4.23