Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: veda

  veda—knows    Bg 7.26, Bg 15.1, SB 1.9.16, SB 1.9.19, SB 3.30.1, SB 4.10.21, SB 4.20.8, SB 4.20.11, SB 5.11.15, SB 5.14.20 (and more...)
  veda—know    Bg 7.26, SB 1.5.6, SB 1.5.20, SB 1.8.29, SB 1.13.37, SB 1.14.7, SB 1.16.25, SB 2.5.3, SB 2.5.6, SB 2.9.25 (and more...)
  veda—understands    SB 3.32.38, SB 5.26.38, SB 6.5.20, SB 8.5.30
  veda—know it    SB 1.7.27, SB 1.13.39, SB 2.7.43-45
  veda—do know    Bg 2.29, Bg 4.5
  veda—can know    SB 1.3.38, SB 4.11.23
  veda—who knows    SB 2.10.9, SB 10.10.10
  veda—Vedic principles    SB 3.3.19, Madhya 11.117
  veda—the Vedas    SB 3.29.31, Adi 2.24
  veda—did know    SB 4.28.39, SB 9.10.27
  veda—can understand    SB 5.25.9, SB 10.8.5
  veda—understood    SB 6.1.26, SB 7.4.37
  veda—the Vedic literature    Adi 7.132, Madhya 6.168
  veda—the Vedic knowledge    Madhya 8.264, Madhya 20.361
  veda—in knowledge    Bg 2.21
  veda—Vedic study    Bg 11.48
  veda—Vedic literatures (books of knowledge)    SB 1.3.41
  veda—transcendental knowledge    SB 2.8.20
  veda—you know    SB 3.11.17
  veda—all knowledge    SB 3.13.26
  veda—he realizes    SB 3.29.25
  veda—just try to know    SB 4.8.12
  veda—know.    SB 4.15.24
  veda—(one who) knows    SB 4.29.51
  veda—He knows    SB 4.30.29
  veda—of knowledge    SB 5.6.16
  veda—it knows    SB 5.8.9
  veda—he knew    SB 5.9.11
  veda—feels    SB 5.17.21
  veda—by the four Vedas (Sāma, Yajur, Ṛg and Atharva)    SB 6.1.40
  veda—know very well    SB 7.13.21
  veda—is fully aware    SB 7.15.56
  veda—Lord Śiva could understand.    SB 8.12.22
  veda—the four Vedas (Sāma, Yajur, Ṛg and Atharva), the original knowledge given by the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 8.21.2-3
  veda—Vedic injunctions    Adi 4.176
  veda—like the Vedas    Adi 5.159
  veda—Vedic literature    Madhya 6.137
  veda—of the four Vedas    Madhya 6.234
  veda—of the Vedas    Madhya 11.191
  veda—Vedic scriptures    Madhya 19.146
  sarva-veda—all Vedic literature    Madhya 6.174, Madhya 24.315
  veda-śāstra—the Vedic literature    Madhya 24.16, Madhya 25.150
  veda-vit—the knower of the Vedas.    Bg 15.1, Bg 15.15
  cāri-veda—the four divisions of the Vedas (Sāma, Yajur, Ṛg and Atharva)    Madhya 25.98
  dhanuḥ-veda-viśāradaḥ—very expert in the art of archery    SB 9.21.35
  kim veda—does he know    SB 6.18.25
  loka-veda-dharma—social and Vedic religious principles    Antya 14.43
  na veda—never experienced    SB 2.3.23
  na veda—does not understand    SB 5.13.19
  na veda—does not know    SB 6.1.49
  na veda—I do not know how it is happening.    SB 8.7.32
  nija-veda-pathāt—from his own path, recommended by the Vedas    SB 5.26.15
  sarva-veda—of all Vedic knowledge    SB 9.8.7
  sarva-veda—of all Vedic literature    Madhya 25.145
  sarva-veda-arthaḥ—the purport of the Vedas    Madhya 20.147-148
  sarva-veda-mayam—the ultimate object of all Vedic knowledge    SB 9.18.48
  sarva-veda-mayaḥ—the essence of all Vedic knowledge    SB 7.11.7
  sarva-veda-mayaḥ—learned in all the Vedic understandings    SB 7.11.18-20
  sarva-veda-sūtre—in all the aphorisms of the Vedānta-sūtra    Adi 7.131
  veda-aṅga—of the transcendental body of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 21.50
  veda-artha-paribṛṁhitaḥ—expanded by the meanings of all the Vedas    Madhya 25.143-144
  veda-bhaya—afraid of the injunctions of the Vedas    Madhya 8.36
  veda-śirāḥ—the head of the Vedas    SB 6.15.12-15
  veda-śākhāḥ—branches of Vedic literature.    SB 5.2.9
  veda-śāstra kahe—the Vedic literature instructs    Madhya 20.124
  veda-śāstra-vit—one who knows the purport of Vedic literature    SB 4.22.45
  veda-śāstre—in Vedic literature    Madhya 20.143
  veda-śāstre—all Vedic literature    Madhya 22.3
  veda-dharma—Vedic injunctions    Adi 4.167-169
  veda-dharma—performance of Vedic rituals    Adi 8.8
  veda-dharma—the principles of Vedic religion    Adi 11.9
  veda-dharma—religious principles of the Vedas    Madhya 8.220
  veda-dharma—performance of Vedic ritualistic ceremonies    Madhya 22.59
  veda-dharme—in the Vedic system    Adi 11.9
  veda-druhau—two demons who were against the Vedic principles    SB 7.9.37
  veda-drumam—the desire tree of the Vedas    SB 2.7.36
  veda-dṛgbhiḥ—by brāhmaṇas well conversant in the Vedic knowledge    SB 7.11.31
  veda-garbha—impregnated with the Vedas    SB 2.9.20
  veda-garbha—O You who have the depth of all Vedic wisdom    SB 3.9.29
  veda-garbham—unto the reservoir of Vedic wisdom    SB 3.13.6
  veda-garbham—the repository of the Vedas.    SB 3.33.8
  veda-garbhaḥ—one who is impregnated with Vedic knowledge from birth    SB 2.4.25
  veda-garbhaḥ—Lord Brahmā, the reservoir of the Vedas    SB 3.12.1
  veda-garbhaḥ—the repository of the Vedas    SB 3.32.12-15
  veda-garbhaḥ—Lord Brahmā    SB 8.18.16
  veda-garbhāya—who always remain within Vedic knowledge    SB 8.17.26
  veda-gīte—according to the version of the Vedas    SB 2.2.32
  veda-guhyāni—undiscoverable by the Vedas    SB 1.3.35
  veda-guptaḥ—the protector of the Vedas    SB 9.22.21-24
  veda-jñaḥ api—even though completely conversant in Vedic knowledge    Madhya 19.74
  veda-jñān—who were fully conversant in Vedic knowledge    SB 10.5.1-2
  veda-kriyā—by ritualistic ceremonies according to the directions of the Vedas    SB 10.2.34
  veda-mantre—by the power of Vedic hymns    Adi 17.161
  veda-mate—in the Vedic version    Madhya 25.52
  veda-maya—transformation of the Vedic knowledge    Adi 7.148
  veda-mayam—personified Vedas    SB 3.13.44
  veda-mayam—fully conversant with the Vedic knowledge    SB 5.20.11
  veda-mayaḥ—the personality of Vedic wisdom    SB 3.8.15
  veda-mayena—under complete Vedic wisdom    SB 3.9.43
  veda-mārgān—all the Vedas.    SB 2.7.12
  veda-niṣiddha—forbidden in the Vedas    Madhya 19.146
  veda-niṣṭha-madhye—among persons who are followers of the Vedas    Madhya 19.146
  veda-nirmite—recommended in the Vedas    SB 7.15.56
  veda-paratantra—subject to the Vedic rules.    Madhya 10.137
  veda-pravartaka—one who can speak with the authority of the Vedas    Antya 5.140
  veda-purāṇa—the Vedas and Purāṇas    Adi 17.155
  veda-purāṇa—the Vedic literature and the Purāṇas (supplements to the Vedic literature).    Madhya 20.122
  veda-purāṇa—Vedic literatures    Madhya 20.129
  veda-purāṇe—in the Vedas and Purāṇas    Adi 17.160
  veda-purāṇe—in the Vedas and the Purāṇas    Madhya 6.139
  veda-purāṇete—the Vedas and the Purāṇas    Madhya 9.194
  veda-smṛtiḥ—Vedasmṛti    SB 5.19.17-18
  veda-stuti—the Vedic prayers    Adi 4.26
  veda-sṛṣṭe—explained in the Vedas    SB 7.9.47
  veda-sāra—exactly right.    Adi 16.49
  veda-taroḥ—of the desire tree of the Vedas    SB 1.3.21
  veda-uktaiḥ—as directed in the Vedic literatures    SB 7.15.67
  veda-vidaḥ—a person conversant with the Vedas    Bg 8.11
  veda-vidām—scholars of the Vedas    SB 1.1.7
  veda-vidām—of persons who know the Vedic conclusions    SB 4.29.59
  veda-vyāsa—Vyāsadeva, the editor of the Vedic literature    Adi 8.34
  veda-vyāsa—Dvaipāyana Vyāsadeva    Adi 11.55
  veda-vyāsa—Dvaipāyana Vedavyāsa.    Madhya 9.137
  veda-vyāsa—Vyāsadeva    Madhya 25.96
  veda-vyāsa—a representative of Vyāsadeva    Antya 20.86
  veda-vāda—by the explanations of the Vedas    SB 4.2.22
  veda-vāda-ativādān—words blaspheming the Vedic injunctions    SB 9.22.16-17
  veda-vāda-ratāḥ—supposed followers of the Vedas    Bg 2.42-43
  veda-vādeṣu—who speak the version of the Vedas    SB 5.11.2
  veda-vādinaḥ—strict followers of the Vedic principles, or the so-called Vedāntists    SB 4.12.41
  veda-vādinaḥ—the followers of Vedic instructions    SB 7.5.13
  veda-vādinām—of the followers of Vedānta    SB 1.5.23
  veda-vādān—rules and regulations of the Vedas    SB 4.4.19
  veda-vāṇī—hymns of the Vedas    Madhya 21.106
  veda-vākye—in the Vedic version    Madhya 6.179
  veda-āśraya—taking shelter of Vedic civilization    Madhya 6.168
  veda-ādīn—the Vedas, etc.    SB 3.12.36
  veda-ādi—beginning with the Vedas    Madhya 20.144
  veda-ājñā—an injunction of the Vedas    Madhya 3.186
  ṛg-veda-dharaḥ—the professor of the Ṛg Veda    SB 1.4.21
  āyuḥ-veda-dṛk—fully conversant in the medical science    SB 8.8.34
  āyuḥ-veda-pravartakaḥ—the inaugurator of medical science, Āyur Veda    SB 9.17.4

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