Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vayoh

  vayoh—of the wind    Bg 6.34, SB 3.30.1
  vayoh—of the air    SB 2.5.26-29, SB 2.6.2
  vayoh—the wind carries    SB 1.9.14
  vayoh—of the moving airs    SB 2.6.4
  vayoh—that of Vayu    SB 3.1.22
  vayoh—of air    SB 3.26.37
  vayoh—from air    SB 3.26.38
  vayoh—of the demigod Vayu (controller of air)    SB 4.10.2

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vayoh

  vayoh guna-visesah—the distinctive characteristic of air (touch)    SB 3.26.47