Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vatsalya

  vatsalya—paternal affection    Madhya 2.78, Madhya 10.135, Madhya 19.185, Madhya 23.53
  vatsalya—parental affection    Adi 3.11, Adi 4.42, Adi 14.90
  vatsalya—paternal love    Madhya 23.45, Antya 7.25
  vatsalya—of parental love    Adi 4.113
  vatsalya—paternity    Adi 17.296
  vatsalya—in paternal affection    Madhya 23.55

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vatsalya

  bhakta-vatsalya—affection for the devotee    Madhya 24.42, Antya 11.102, Antya 20.119
  bhakta-vatsalya—attachment for His devotees    Madhya 4.211
  bhakta-vatsalya—the love for His devotees    Madhya 7.30
  bhakta-vatsalya—affection for devotees    Antya 6.206
  bhakta-vatsalya—love for Your devotees    Antya 9.131
  bhakta-vatsalya-guna—the quality of being very affectionate to the devotees,    Antya 9.145
  vatsalya rasa—the mellow of parental love    Madhya 19.228
  vatsalya-bhakta—devotees in parental love    Madhya 19.190
  vatsalya-prakasa—manifestation of special affection    Antya 9.152
  vatsalya-prema—loving service to the Lord in the stage of paternal love    Madhya 8.76
  vatsalya-rati—attachment by paternal affection    Madhya 19.183-184
  vatsalya-sakhya-madhure—in fraternal love, paternity and conjugal love    Madhya 19.195
  vatsalya-upasana—worship as a parent    Antya 7.148
  vatsalya-adi—and of paternal love, etc.    Madhya 8.201
  vatsalya-adi-maya—with a touch of paternal love.    Adi 6.76