Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vatam

  vatam—a banyan tree.    SB 4.6.31
  vatam—the arena.    SB 8.18.23

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vatam

  agha-vatam—persons who have committed many sins    SB 6.2.9-10
  aksan-vatam—of the people who possessed eyes    SB 4.25.54
  janma-vatam—of the living entities who have taken birth    SB 10.1.38
  putra-vatam—of those who have sons    SB 6.7.28
  sva-vatam—at home    SB 10.11.20
  udyama-vatam—of persons always engaged in economic development    SB 7.13.16-17
  vitta-vatam—for persons who possess considerable wealth    SB 7.13.16-17
  atma-vatam—interested in self-realization    SB 3.25.12
  atma-vatam—of the transcendentalists    SB 4.22.16
  atma-vatam—of great devotees who have achieved perfection    SB 5.8.29
  atma-vatam—unto persons interested in self-realization    SB 5.19.9
  atma-vatam—of self-realized persons like Sanaka and Sanatana    SB 5.24.21
  atma-vatam—of all living entities    SB 7.3.30