Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vatah

  vatah—a banyan tree    SB 5.16.24
  vatah—wind    SB 3.25.42
  vatah—the wind    SB 3.29.40
  vatah—the air    SB 4.1.53
  vatah—the winds    SB 4.5.8

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vatah

  daya-vatah—of he who is always kind.    SB 8.21.12
  dava-usna-khara-vatah ayam—hot breath coming out exactly like fire    SB 10.12.23
  sugandha-vatah—the wind, which becomes fragrant    SB 5.16.18
  varna-asrama-vatah—in terms of strictly following the principles of varnasrama    SB 5.26.30
  vatah tvaca—the sense of touch or the skin    SB 2.10.23
  atma-vatah—of one who had become perfectly situated on the transcendental platform    SB 5.8.29