Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: varse

  varse—on Bharata-varsa    SB 5.4.3
  varse—planet    SB 5.4.18
  varse—the tract of land    SB 5.19.9
  varse—tract of land    SB 5.19.16
  varse—in the land    SB 5.19.28
  varse—in the year    Adi 7.34
  varse—rain    Madhya 13.49
  varse—in years    Madhya 16.83
  varse—in rains    Antya 18.85
  varse—in that shower    Antya 18.86
  varse—rains    Antya 18.86

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: varse

  prati-varse—every year    Adi 10.55, Antya 12.67
  varse varse—in each tract of land    SB 5.17.10, SB 5.17.10
  asmin eva varse—in this tract of land (Bharata-varsa)    SB 5.19.19
  bhadrasva-varse—in the land known as Bhadrasva-varsa    SB 5.18.1
  hari-varse—in the tract of land known as Harivarsa    SB 5.18.7
  kimpuruse varse—the tract of land known as Kimpurusa    SB 5.19.1
  krsna-prema-amrta varse—he always pours torrents of devotional service    Adi 11.30
  prati-varse—each and every year    Madhya 15.97
  purva-varse—in the previous year    Antya 12.86
  pamsu-varse—when there were showers of dust and small dust particles    SB 10.7.24