Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vargah

  vargah—the assembly    Antya 1.138

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vargah

  ajita-sat-vargah—who has not controlled the senses of perception and the mind    SB 6.1.52
  sat-vargah—the mind and the senses    SB 4.23.8
  tri-vargah—the group of three    SB 7.6.26
  tri-vargah—the principles of religiosity, economic development and sense gratification    SB 8.17.10
  tri-vargah—the three aims of life (religion, economic development and sense gratification)    SB 10.5.28
  tri-vargah—these three aims of life    SB 10.5.28
  trimsat-asta-uttara-mantra-vargah—in the category of thirty-eight important Vedic mantras    SB 8.7.29