Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vapuh

  vapuḥ—body    SB 1.3.14, SB 1.9.33, SB 2.7.13, SB 3.13.44, SB 3.33.2, SB 5.26.40, SB 7.10.29, SB 8.7.8, SB 8.24.30
  vapuḥ—transcendental form    SB 3.9.11, SB 4.7.32
  vapuḥ—form    SB 3.15.45, Adi 3.111
  vapuḥ—body.    SB 3.20.47, SB 10.1.39
  vapuḥ—His transcendental body.    SB 3.21.8, Antya 19.91
  vapuḥ—the body    Adi 16.71, Antya 20.36
  vapuḥ—incarnation.    SB 1.3.7
  vapuḥ—his person    SB 3.23.38
  vapuḥ—the material body    SB 3.32.29
  vapuḥ—beauty of body, etc.    SB 4.3.17
  vapuḥ—having the body    SB 4.16.8
  vapuḥ—form.    SB 7.1.41
  vapuḥ—a body    SB 7.4.4
  vapuḥ—the cosmic body    SB 7.9.33
  vapuḥ—a particular type of body    SB 8.17.10
  vapuḥ—transcendental body    SB 8.18.12
  vapuḥ—a transcendental form or body    SB 10.2.34
  vapuḥ—his body    SB 10.13.62
  vapuḥ—existence    Madhya 3.28
  vapuḥ—the transcendental form    Madhya 23.35
  bṛhat vapuḥ—a very, very large body    SB 10.12.16
  matsya-vapuḥ—the Lord, who had assumed the form of a fish    SB 8.24.31
  matsya-vapuḥ-dharam—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who had assumed the form of a fish    SB 8.24.15
  sarpa-vapuḥ—the body of a snake    Madhya 25.77
  saumya-vapuḥ—beautiful form    Bg 11.50
  sva-rāṭ-vapuḥ—in the form of the king    SB 8.14.9
  vapuḥ hariḥ—the incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 8.9.8
  vapuḥ-dharam—personified.    SB 8.18.29
  vatsaka-alpaka-vapuḥ—and exactly like the tender bodies of the calves    SB 10.13.19
  yoṣit-vapuḥ—the body of a woman    SB 8.12.12

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