Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vana

  vana—forests    SB 1.8.40, SB 5.5.30, Adi 5.20, Antya 13.45
  vana—the forests    Madhya 8.11, Madhya 17.192
  vana—forest    SB 4.6.19-20
  vana—in the forest    Adi 17.237
  vana—all the forests where the pastimes of the Lord took place    Madhya 13.143
  vana—having the feature    Adi 3.76

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vana

  vana-latah—the herbs and plants    Madhya 8.276, Madhya 24.208
  vana-malaya—by a flower garland    SB 2.2.10, SB 4.30.7
  vana-malaya—with a garland of fresh flowers    SB 3.15.40, SB 3.28.15
  vana-pathe—on the forest path    Madhya 17.12, Madhya 24.231
  vana-pathe—through the forest path    Madhya 17.68, Madhya 25.256
  vana-pathe—on the path in the forest    Madhya 17.69, Antya 4.209
  vana-pathe—on the path through the forest    Madhya 17.74, Madhya 19.10
  bahula-vana—Bahulavana    Madhya 17.193
  bhadra-vana—to Bhadravana    Madhya 18.66
  bara vana—through the twelve forests of Vrndavana    Madhya 17.230
  sri-kamya-vana—to Sri Kamyavana.    Madhya 18.55
  sri-vana—Srivana    Madhya 18.67
  sunya vana—the solitary forest    Madhya 17.62-63
  dasa-vana—ten times purified    Madhya 14.165
  dvadasa vana—the twelve forests of Vrndavana    Madhya 25.207
  dvadasa-vana dekhi—visiting the twelve forests in Vrndavana    Madhya 5.12
  iksu-vana—sugarcane forest    Madhya 2.64
  khadira-vana aila—came to the place known as Khadiravana.    Madhya 18.63
  loha-vana—to Lohavana    Madhya 18.67
  madhu-vana—Madhuvana    Madhya 17.193
  maha-vana—to Mahavana    Madhya 18.67
  maha-vana—Mahavana.    Antya 13.45
  nirjana vana-pathe—on a solitary forest path    Madhya 25.222
  narikela-vana—coconut grove    Madhya 13.194
  padma-vana—the forest of lotus flowers    Madhya 25.273
  puspa-vana—flower garden    Adi 17.142
  sahajika-vana—natural forest    Madhya 14.222
  tala-vana-asi-patraih—by the swordlike leaves of palm trees    SB 5.26.15
  vana darasana—visiting the twelve forests    Antya 13.38
  vana dekhi—while seeing the forests    Madhya 5.12
  vana dekhi—seeing the forest    Madhya 17.55
  vana-bhojana—picnic in the forest    Madhya 14.243
  vana-sobha—the beauty of the forest    SB 10.12.6
  vana-gajah—an elephant coming from the forest    SB 5.5.30
  vana-gatah—having entered the forest    SB 9.3.2
  vana-gocarah—amphibious    SB 3.18.2
  vana-gocarah—going into the forest    SB 4.13.40
  vana-gocaran—the forest animals.    SB 4.26.5
  vana-gocarah—dwelling in the forest    SB 3.18.10
  vana-gosthayoh—both in Vrndavana and in the forest.    SB 10.13.27
  vana-kunjara—by wild elephants    SB 4.6.30
  vana-lila—pastimes in the garden    Madhya 14.102
  vana-madhye—in the forest    Antya 3.99
  vana-malaya—by the flower garlands    SB 1.11.27
  vana-malaya—flower garland    SB 3.8.31
  vana-malaya—with a flower garland    SB 8.18.3
  vana-mali—garlanded with forest flowers    SB 4.7.21
  vana-malikaya—with a garland of fresh flowers    SB 3.15.28
  vana-malinam—with a garland of flowers    SB 4.8.47
  vana-malinah—wearing garlands of forest flowers    SB 10.13.47-48
  vana-malinim—with flower garlands    SB 8.6.3-7
  vana-mala—garland of forest flowers    SB 5.3.3
  vana-mala—flower garland    SB 5.7.7
  vana-mala—by a garland of forest flowers    SB 6.4.35-39
  vana-mala—forest flower garlands    Antya 14.18
  vana-okasah—living in the forest    SB 4.9.20-21
  vana-okasah—the inhabitants of the forest    SB 5.19.7
  vana-okasah—behaving exactly like an animal in the jungle    SB 7.2.7-8
  vana-okasa—who is living in the forest    SB 10.4.36
  vana-okah—living in the forest    SB 9.9.25
  vana-pathe—on the road to the forest    Madhya 17.5
  vana-pathe—on the path through the jungle    Madhya 17.18
  vana-pathe—on the jungle path    Madhya 20.33
  vana-pathe—through the path of the forest of central India    Antya 4.4
  vana-pathe cali cali—traversing the forest path    Antya 13.42
  vana-ruha—lotus flower    SB 5.3.3
  vana-rajayah—the green trees and plants were also very pleasing to see    SB 10.3.1-5
  vana-raji—of groves of trees    SB 3.21.40
  vana-rajini—where there was a congested forest    SB 10.10.4
  vana-srajah—flower garland    SB 3.8.24
  vana-sthah—vanaprastha, one who, after retirement from family life, goes to the forest to learn how to be detached from family life    Madhya 13.80
  vana-uddesam—to the deep forest    Madhya 19.207-209
  vana-vasa—exiled to the forest    SB 1.8.24
  vana-yatraya—in touring the different forests    Madhya 5.12
  vana-asaya—just to enjoy a picnic in the forest    SB 10.12.1
  vana-adibhih—by forests and so on    SB 5.1.40