Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vamsi

  vamsi—the flute    Adi 5.164, Madhya 1.85, Madhya 14.227, Madhya 21.128
  vamsi—flute    Adi 17.15, Adi 17.233, Madhya 18.161, Antya 13.131
  vamsi—on the flute    Adi 5.224
  vamsi—a flute    Adi 17.233
  vamsi—flute.    Adi 11.16

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vamsi

  vamsi-gite—by the vibration of the flute    Adi 4.244, Madhya 24.53
  vamsi-vata—of the name Vamsivata    Adi 1.17, Antya 1.7
  singa vamsi—horns and flutes    Adi 5.192
  krsna-vamsi—Lord Sri Krsna's flute    Madhya 14.226
  sa-vamsi—with the flute    Madhya 8.270
  vamsi-chidra—of the holes in the flute    Madhya 21.140
  vamsi-dhvani—the vibration of the flute    Madhya 21.113
  vamsi-dhvani-sukha—the happiness of hearing the playing of the flute    Madhya 2.47
  vamsi-dhvanih—the transcendental vibration of the flute.    Antya 1.164
  vamsi-dhvanih—to the vibration of the flute.    Antya 1.168
  vamsi-dhari—the carrier of the flute    Madhya 17.214
  vamsi-gana-amrta-dhama—the abode of the nectar derived from the songs of the flute    Madhya 2.29
  vamsi-kalah—the sound vibration of the flute    Antya 1.142
  vamsi-kalah—the sound of whose flute    Antya 17.40
  vamsi-mukha—a flute in the mouth    Adi 17.302
  vamsi-mukha—with a flute to the mouth    Madhya 6.203
  vamsi-svara-adi—such as the vibration of the flute    Madhya 23.50
  vamsi-vadana—the person with the flute.    Madhya 2.55
  vamsi-vadane—Lord Krsna's face with His flute    Madhya 2.37
  vamsi-vata—the celebrated place named Vamsivata    Madhya 1.5
  vamsi-vilasi—of the great flute-player    Madhya 2.45
  vamsi-vadye—on hearing the sound of the flute    Adi 17.237