Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vamsa

  vamsa—family    Antya 4.29

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vamsa

  manu-vamsa-dharah—as the descendant of the Manu dynasty    SB 2.7.20
  pasupa-vamsa-sisutva-natyam—the play of being a child in a family of cowherd men (another of Krsna’s names is Gopala, “He who maintains the cows”)    SB 10.13.61
  pitr-vamsa—paternal family    SB 4.27.8
  rajanya-vamsa—dynasties of the kings    SB 1.8.43
  vamsa-anucaritani ca—and their dynasties and characteristics    SB 9.1.4
  vamsa-dava-agni—a forest fire set by the bamboos    SB 1.10.2
  vamsa-dharaih—by descendants    SB 4.28.31
  vamsa-dharam—the descendant    SB 8.23.5
  vamsa-dharah—heir apparent    SB 1.12.12
  vamsa-krt—made a dynasty    SB 9.2.33
  vamsa-sahita—with all the family members    Madhya 7.122
  vamsa-vistarah—a broad description of the dynasties    SB 10.1.1
  vrsni-vamsa-pradipah—the light of the dynasty of Vrsni    Madhya 13.78
  asura-vamsa—unbelievers    SB 1.16.34