Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vakye

  vākye—by words    Adi 6.93, Madhya 14.146, Antya 6.235
  vākye—in the speech    Adi 2.58, Adi 7.107
  vākye—in the word    Madhya 5.93, Antya 5.102
  vākye—in the words of    Adi 7.95-96
  vākye—in speaking    Madhya 2.14
  vākye—in the statements    Madhya 6.97
  vākye—by the words    Madhya 6.113
  vākye—the order    Madhya 20.49
  vākye—by the assurance    Madhya 20.130
  ei vākye—in this statement    Madhya 5.76, Madhya 9.34
  bahu-vākye—by many versions of many persons    Adi 16.11
  śruti-vākye—in the words of the Vedic version    Madhya 6.136
  śāstra-vākye māni—one has to accept according to the description of revealed scriptures.    Madhya 20.352
  ei vākye—because of this statement    Madhya 15.100
  ei vākye—this statement    Madhya 18.97
  kāya-manaḥ-vākye—by His body, mind and words    Adi 6.92
  kāya-manaḥ-vākye—with heart and soul    Adi 8.62
  kāya-manaḥ-vākye—with My body, mind and words    Madhya 12.50
  kāya-manaḥ-vākye—with body, mind and words    Antya 6.173
  kāya-mano-vākye—with body, mind and words    Madhya 16.107
  madhura-vākye—by the sweet words    Madhya 4.26
  mahā-vākye—in place of the principal mantra    Adi 7.130
  manaḥ-vākye—by mind or by words    Madhya 22.120
  mūrkhera vākye—by the words of some rascals and fools    Madhya 18.100
  niṣṭhura-vākye—by cruel words    Madhya 14.147
  prabhu-vākye—on the request of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Madhya 19.97
  purāṇa-vākye—by the words of the Purāṇas    Madhya 6.148
  sa-yuktika vākye—by talks full of pleasing logic and arguments    Madhya 25.20
  sei-vākye—by those words    Antya 5.146
  tāra vākye—in their words    Antya 19.53
  vakra-vākye kare upahāsa—jokes with equivocal words    Madhya 14.148
  veda-vākye—in the Vedic version    Madhya 6.179
  vijña-vākye—in the wise speech    Adi 2.86

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