Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vaisnavera

  vaisnavera—of the Vaisnavas    Madhya 1.131, Antya 7.62, Antya 13.133, Antya 16.8, Antya 20.78
  vaisnavera—of the devotees    Adi 6.30, Adi 7.48, Adi 13.66, Madhya 13.49
  vaisnavera—of all the Vaisnavas    Madhya 1.266, Madhya 11.171, Antya 12.39
  vaisnavera—of devotees    Adi 8.62, Madhya 10.148
  vaisnavera—of Vaisnavas    Madhya 16.73, Antya 16.57
  vaisnavera—of all the Vaisnava devotees    Adi 8.73
  vaisnavera—of the devotees of Lord Visnu    Madhya 9.274
  vaisnavera—of great devotees    Madhya 10.13
  vaisnavera—of the devotees of the Lord    Madhya 11.94
  vaisnavera—to all the devotees    Madhya 11.205
  vaisnavera—of a Vaisnava    Madhya 15.169
  vaisnavera—of a devotee    Antya 4.221
  vaisnavera—for a Vaisnava    Antya 13.61

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vaisnavera

  sarva-vaisnavera—unto all the Vaisnavas    Madhya 11.174, Madhya 12.197
  sri-vaisnavera—of the followers of Ramanujacarya    Madhya 9.139
  sri-vaisnavera sange—with the Vaisnavas in the disciplic succession of Ramanuja    Madhya 9.77
  sri-vaisnavera sane—with the Sri Vaisnavas    Madhya 1.110
  sudra-vaisnavera—of Vaisnavas born in sudra families    Antya 16.13
  sakala vaisnavera—of all the Vaisnavas present    Antya 1.24
  se vaisnavera—of all those Vaisnavas    Adi 5.230
  vaisnavera gana—Vaisnavas    Antya 16.9
  vaisnavera gane—the group of Vaisnavas.    Antya 6.181
  vaisnavera jhuta—remnants of the food of Vaisnavas    Antya 16.58
  vaisnavera krtya—duties of a Vaisnava    Antya 4.79
  vaisnavera madhye—amongst Vaisnavas    Madhya 9.11
  vaisnavera praya—almost like Vaisnavas.    Antya 6.198
  vaisnavera sthane—from a self-realized Vaisnava    Antya 5.131
  vaisnavera ajna—the permission of all the Vaisnavas    Antya 6.145