Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vaira

  vaira—of enmity    SB 5.11.16

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vaira

  vaira-anubandhena—by constant enmity    SB 7.1.26, SB 7.1.27
  vaira-anu-bandhayam—a relationship of enmity with others    SB 5.14.40
  vaira-anubandha—bond of hatred    SB 7.1.47
  vaira-anubandha-krt—determined to continue such enmity.    SB 10.2.23
  vaira-anubandhah—one is encumbered by enmity    SB 5.13.13
  vaira-anubandhah—having relationships of enmity    SB 5.14.37
  vaira-anubandhah—whose intentions are inimical    SB 5.24.2
  vaira-anubandhah—enmity    SB 8.19.13
  vaira-anubandhena—by the bondage of considering the Lord an enemy    SB 7.10.38
  vaira-anubandhena—by continuously treating as an enemy    SB 8.22.6-7
  vaira-bhavena—by conceiving as an enemy    SB 7.10.35
  vaira-dhih—because of animosity.    SB 8.9.26
  vaira-maitram—considering friendship and enmity    SB 7.9.41