Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vainyah

  vainyah—son of Vena    SB 4.15.21, SB 4.18.30
  vainyah—the son of King Vena    SB 4.16.7, SB 4.17.15
  vainyah—King Prthu    SB 4.22.3, SB 4.23.1-3
  vainyah—in the form of the son of King Vena    SB 4.17.1
  vainyah—the son of Vena    SB 4.18.29
  vainyah—the son of Vena Maharaja (Prthu)    SB 4.22.49
  vainyah—the son of King Vena (Prthu Maharaja)    SB 4.23.29

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing vainyah.