Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vadya

  vadya—musical sounds    Adi 17.173, Madhya 4.56
  vadya—music    Adi 13.106
  vadya—musical performance    Adi 17.205
  vadya—of the sound    Madhya 6.256
  vadya—of musical instruments    Madhya 13.14
  vadya—musical vibration    Antya 10.47

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vadya

  mukha-vadya kari—making a sound within the mouth    Madhya 15.11
  nana-vadya—all kinds of musical parties    Madhya 14.110
  nana-vadya—varieties of musical parties    Madhya 14.129
  su-vadya—glorious musical sounds of drums and other instruments    SB 10.12.35
  vadya-dharah ca—those who played on musical drums    SB 10.12.34
  vadya-nrtya—music and dance    Adi 13.96
  vadya-adira—of musical instruments    Madhya 13.50