Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vadinam

  vadinam—inquiring    SB 4.14.45
  vadinam—of the speakers    SB 6.4.31
  vadinam—of theorists    SB 6.9.36
  vadinam—of the opposing disputants    Madhya 6.108

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vadinam

  brahma-vadinam—of the transcendentalists.    Bg 17.24
  brahma-vadinam—of the devotees who preach the glories of the Lord.    SB 4.16.17
  brahma-vadinam—unto persons well conversant with the Vedic knowledge    SB 7.15.73
  brahma-vadinam—of the followers of Vedic principles.    SB 8.23.13
  brahma-vadinam—of all the great saintly experts in Vedic knowledge    SB 9.1.6
  brahma-vadinam—of you, who are expert in chanting the Vedic mantras    SB 9.1.17
  veda-vadinam—of the followers of Vedanta    SB 1.5.23