Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vadham

  vadham—the killing    SB 3.14.42, SB 3.14.51, SB 7.10.47, SB 9.9.31
  vadham—killing    SB 1.8.47, SB 6.18.43, SB 9.9.30
  vadham—annihilation    SB 3.4.23, SB 8.11.37
  vadham—to be killed    SB 1.17.6
  vadham—the massacre    SB 8.11.29
  bhrātuḥ vadham—the killing of his brother    SB 7.4.4
  bhrātṛ-vadham—the killing of his brother    SB 4.10.4
  hiraṇyākṣa-vadham—of the killing of Hiraṇyākṣa    SB 3.19.37
  pitṛ-vadham—the killing of his father    SB 9.16.18-19
  suhṛt-vadham—killing of his family members.    SB 9.16.8
  sva-pituḥ vadham—their father’s having been killed (by Paraśurāma)    SB 9.16.9
  sva-vadham prati—fearing his own death from Viṣṇu    SB 10.1.65-66
  tat-vadham—the killing of Hiraṇyākṣa    SB 8.19.7

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