Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vadha

  vadha—killing    Adi 17.157, Adi 17.162
  vadha—by the death    SB 4.11.9
  vadha—from the killing    SB 6.13.5
  go-vadha—cow-killing    Adi 17.158, Adi 17.159, Adi 17.159
  śakra-vadha—killing the King of heaven    SB 4.19.27
  go-vadha—the killing of cows    Adi 17.157
  go-vadha—killing of cows    Adi 17.163
  go-vadha kare—who kill cows    Antya 3.155
  mat-vadha-artham—for the purpose of killing me    SB 1.9.38
  putra-vadha-īpsuḥ—desirous of killing his own son    SB 7.8.16
  pūtanā-vadha-ādi—killing of the demons like Pūtanā    Madhya 20.381
  pūtanā-vadha-ādi—killing the demons, beginning from Pūtanā    Madhya 20.394
  tat-vadha-upāyaḥ—the only means of killing Him (Viṣṇu)    SB 10.4.42
  tat-vadha-upāyān—various means for killing him    SB 7.5.42
  tāre vadha kaile—if he is killed    Madhya 15.261
  vadha kari—killing    Antya 3.160
  vadha-arhaṇaḥ—is due to be killed    SB 1.7.53-54
  vadha-bhāgī—responsible for killing    Antya 16.133
  vadha-mātra—killing only    Adi 17.165
  vadha-udyamam—the endeavor to kill.    SB 10.1.64
  vadha-upāyaḥ—means of disappearance    SB 3.3.15
  vadha-upāyāḥ—many varieties of means to kill him    SB 7.5.45

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