Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vadanam

  vadanam—face    SB 1.11.10, Madhya 23.35
  vadanam—mouth    SB 2.1.28, Antya 20.36
  vadanam—the face    SB 1.7.52
  vadanam—face    SB 8.9.18

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vadanam

  asru-vadanam—with tears on the face    SB 1.16.18
  adhah-vadanam—downward face    SB 1.14.23
  dina-vadanam—having a dry face    SB 8.16.3
  kincit cakara vadanam—she wore a sorry look on her face    SB 3.33.20
  nakra-vadanam—the mouth of the crocodile    SB 2.7.16
  prasanna-vadanam—with a smiling face    SB 3.33.23
  asru-vadanam—with tears in her eyes    SB 1.17.3