Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vadah

  vadah—natural conclusion    Bg 10.32
  vadah—roar    SB 4.4.28
  vadah—various arguments.    SB 4.9.13
  vadah—the thesis    SB 4.29.59

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vadah

  asadhu-vadah—blame    SB 3.16.5
  brahma-vadah—the words spoken by exalted brahmanas    SB 5.3.17
  devaki-janma-vadah—known as the son of Devaki (No one can actually become the father or mother of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore devaki-janma-vada means that He is known as the son of Devaki. Similarly, He is also known as the son of mother Yasoda, Vasudeva or Nanda Maharaja.)    Madhya 13.79
  kartr-vadah—the proprietorship of such foolish agnostics.    SB 8.22.20
  prajna-vadah—learned talks    Bg 2.11
  priyam vadah—who speaks very pleasingly    Madhya 23.71
  sadhu-vadah—joyful exclamation    SB 4.5.25
  sadhu-vadah—appropriate for a saintly person    SB 6.5.44
  sadhu-vadah—the opinion of learned persons    SB 9.8.12
  tattva-vadah—the spiritual science    SB 5.11.2
  urugaya-vadah—the chanting of the holy name of the Supreme Lord.    SB 6.3.26
  aviskrta-sadhu-vadah—famous, being celebrated everywhere as a devotee    SB 8.22.8