Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: utthitam

  utthitam—aroused.    SB 3.18.24
  utthitam—arose    SB 3.26.51
  utthitam—appeared.    SB 3.26.60
  utthitam—rising    SB 3.28.37
  utthitam—lifted    SB 8.7.9
  utthitam—existing there    SB 9.2.14
  utthitam—has arisen.    SB 10.1.54
  ahi-bhoga-utthitam—issuing from the serpent’s body, which was meant for material enjoyment    SB 10.12.33
  ayathā-utthitam—arisen from temporary phenomena.    SB 7.2.58

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