Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: uttara

  uttara—reply    Antya 10.97, Antya 15.42, Antya 15.48, Antya 15.54
  uttara—answers    Madhya 8.244, Madhya 20.95-96
  uttara—answer    Madhya 18.188, Antya 15.37
  uttara—upper    SB 2.1.32
  uttara—cross over    SB 4.22.40
  uttara—northern    SB 4.25.51
  uttara—surpassing    SB 4.27.13
  uttara—above    SB 4.29.21
  uttara—any reply    Adi 16.88
  uttara—Uttara    SB 1.13.3-4
  uttara—one toward the north    SB 4.25.46
  uttara—northern gate    SB 4.29.9
  uttara—northern    SB 9.2.16

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: uttara

  uttara-uttara—the latter compared to the former.    SB 7.11.16, SB 7.11.16
  uttara-uttara—more and more.    Madhya 6.181, Madhya 6.181
  dasa-uttara—ten more than    SB 4.27.7
  dasa-uttara-adhikaih—with ten times greater thickness    SB 3.11.41
  jalada-uttara-osthah—whose upper lip was touching the clouds    SB 10.12.17
  prasna-uttara—of questions and answers    Madhya 8.243
  prasna-uttara—the questions and answers    Madhya 8.295
  pralapa-uttara—crazy replies    Antya 14.45
  tora-uttara—the eyes    Madhya 14.180
  trimsat-asta-uttara-mantra-vargah—in the category of thirty-eight important Vedic mantras    SB 8.7.29
  uttara dila—replied.    Antya 2.163
  uttara-disaya—on the northern side    Antya 14.62
  uttara-dike—on the northern side    Antya 16.41
  uttara-krtim—final act    Antya 1.146
  uttara-usnisaih—with upper and lower garments    SB 8.10.13-15
  uttara-uttarena ilavrtam—further and further north of Ilavrta-varsa    SB 5.16.8
  uttara-asangan—the upper cloths covering the body    SB 9.10.41
  uttara uvaca—Uttara said    SB 1.8.9
  uttara-hanau—on the upper jaw    SB 5.23.7
  uttara-hanuvat ghanam—on the cloud resembling the upper lips    SB 10.12.20
  uttara-matah—O Maharaja Pariksit, son of mother Uttara    SB 5.13.24
  uttara-locanam—his eyes turned upward (as are those of a dead body)    SB 6.14.46