Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: utsavah

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: utsavah

  darsana-utsavah—very pleased by seeing them.    SB 6.2.22
  maha-utsavah—very much pleased.    SB 7.3.24
  maha-utsavah—accepted as the greatest festival.    SB 1.11.24
  maha-utsavah—which are actual festivals    SB 5.19.24
  manah-maha-utsavah—a sense of joyful ceremony within the mind    SB 1.11.31
  roma-utsavah—hair standing on end out of pleasure    SB 1.16.35
  rasa-utsavah—the festival of the rasa dance    Adi 1.72
  yajna-maha-utsavah—a great sacrifice    SB 4.3.8