Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: utkanthita

  utkaṇṭhita—anxious    Madhya 10.24, Madhya 11.106, Antya 4.15
  utkaṇṭhita—in anxiety    Adi 8.49
  utkaṇṭhita—very anxious    Madhya 10.22
  utkaṇṭhita—full of anxieties    Madhya 12.4
  utkaṇṭhita—very eager    Madhya 14.119
  utkaṇṭhita—desirous    Madhya 24.6
  utkaṇṭhita—full of anxiety    Antya 1.38
  utkaṇṭhita—very agitated    Antya 15.12
  utkaṇṭhita hañāche—they have become very anxious    Madhya 10.39

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