Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: utkantha

  utkaëöhä—anxiety    Madhya 11.237, Madhya 16.37, Madhya 16.173
  utkaëöhä—eagerness    Madhya 14.117-118, Antya 20.44
  utkaëöha—anxious    SB 4.9.42-43
  utkaëöhä—anxieties    Madhya 10.25
  utkaëöhä—very eager    Madhya 14.114
  utkaëöhä—agitation of the mind    Antya 16.134
  utkaëöhä—of anxieties    Antya 17.39
  utkaëöhä—more eagerness    Antya 20.5

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: utkantha

  ati-utkaëöhä—great eagerness    Antya 20.35
  bahuta utkaëöhä—great anxiety    Madhya 16.88
  cira-utkaëöha-manäù—being very anxious for a long time    SB 4.3.10
  mahä-utkaëöhä—great anxiety    Antya 17.35
  premera utkaëöhä—the ecstasy of the love    Madhya 3.119
  utkaëöhä haïäche—has been very anxious    Madhya 11.5
  utkaëöhä haya—there was great anxiety    Madhya 18.43
  utkaëöhä-antara—with great anxiety in the mind.    Antya 2.38
  utkaëöhä-çloka—a verse pertaining to the anxiety    Antya 16.118
  utkaëöhä-käraëa—the cause of great anxiety and restlessness.    Antya 15.12
  utkaëöhä-väëé—words of anxiety    Antya 17.39