Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: upetah

  upetaḥ—engaged    Bg 6.37
  upetaḥ—reached    SB 2.3.19
  upetaḥ—accompanied by    SB 3.26.50
  upetaḥ—being situated    SB 4.18.4
  upetaḥ—accompanied    SB 8.15.24
  upetaḥ—joined    SB 9.14.7
  upetāḥ—engages    Bg 12.2
  upetāḥ—accompanied    SB 1.9.8
  upetāḥ—possessed of    SB 4.27.7
  upetāḥ—obtained    SB 5.2.21
  bala-upetāḥ—very powerful persons    SB 8.11.35
  guṇa-upetaḥ—endowed with material attributes or facilities    SB 10.3.1-5
  kṣetra-upetāḥ—because of being born of the kṣetra (field)    SB 9.6.3
  sarva-guṇa-upetāḥ—being fully qualified by giving sufficient milk, etc.    SB 10.7.16

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