Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: upaya

  upāya—means    Adi 7.141, Adi 17.200, Adi 17.267, Madhya 8.82, Antya 3.103, Antya 4.56, Antya 6.24, Antya 6.156, Antya 15.72, Antya 17.42 (and more...)
  upāya—the means    SB 5.10.3, Madhya 13.139, Antya 9.52
  upāya—means.    Madhya 8.204-205, Madhya 13.146, Antya 7.110-111
  upāya—the means.    Madhya 2.60, Antya 17.52
  upāya—a means.    Madhya 7.83, Madhya 20.83
  upāya—remedy.    Madhya 10.143, Madhya 15.150
  upāya—of processes    SB 7.7.29
  upāya—way.    Adi 4.134
  upāya—way    Adi 4.145
  upāya—instruments.    Adi 5.64
  upāya—remedy    Madhya 6.7
  chidrera upāya—a means to find some fault.    Antya 3.104
  ei upāya—this means    Madhya 11.53
  eka upāya—one means    Madhya 11.53
  kari nānā upāya—devising many means    Antya 19.54
  ki kari upāya—what shall I do    Antya 15.65
  nānā upāya—various sorts of devices.    Madhya 16.6
  parama upāya—the most feasible means for deliverance.    Antya 20.8
  prāpti-upāya—the means for obtaining    Antya 17.52
  prāptira upāya—the means of getting the treasure.    Madhya 20.131
  pābāra upāya—the means of achieving.    Madhya 8.197
  sarva-upāya-vit—one who knows how to deal with different situations    SB 8.8.41-46
  se upāya—such means.    Antya 9.29
  se upāya—such a means.    Antya 15.24
  sṛjilā upāya—made a device    Antya 10.77
  sṛjilā upāya—devised a means.    Antya 13.6
  upāya sṛjila—discovered a means    Madhya 19.4
  vividha upāya—many devices    Madhya 16.10

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