Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: upavane

  upavane—gardens on the shore    SB 3.2.27
  upavane—in the garden    SB 4.16.25
  upavane—in a nice forest    SB 8.12.18
  upavane—in the garden by the road    Madhya 1.144

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: upavane

  bähya-upavane—in an outside garden    SB 4.25.17
  haya upavane—that are in those gardens    Madhya 14.125
  kailäsa-upavane—in a small garden attached to Kailäsa Parvata, the residence of Lord Çiva    SB 10.10.2-3
  kuöakäcala-upavane—a forest near Kuöakäcala    SB 5.6.7
  pulaha-äçrama-upavane—in the gardens situated i n Pulaha-äçrama    SB 5.7.11
  upavane gela—went to a nearby garden.    Madhya 13.201
  äçrama-upavane—garden of the hermitage    SB 5.8.17