Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: upasprsya

  upasprsya—after finishing morning ablutions    SB 1.4.15
  upasprsya—touching in sanctity    SB 1.7.20
  upasprsya—by touching    SB 1.18.36
  upasprsya—after sipping water    SB 3.4.3
  upasprsya—touching or taking bath in water    SB 3.14.32
  upasprsya—washing hands and mouth    SB 4.2.17
  upasprsya—after touching water    SB 4.11.1
  upasprsya—performing acamana and bathing    SB 6.4.21
  upasprsya—contacting    SB 6.19.22
  upasprsya—touching (exactly like the water of the Ganges)    SB 9.24.62

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: upasprsya

  apah upasprsya—touching water    SB 1.7.3