Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: upasakha

  upaśākhā—subbranches    Adi 9.19, Adi 9.23, Adi 9.31, Adi 10.12, Adi 10.16, Adi 11.8
  upaśākhā—subbranch    Adi 10.61
  upaśākhā—their subbranches.    Adi 10.85
  upaśākhā—branches and subbranches    Adi 12.79
  upaśākhā—unwanted creepers    Madhya 19.158
  upaśākhā—the unwanted creepers    Madhya 19.160
  upaśākhā-gaṇe—subbranches    Adi 9.22, Adi 9.26
  śākhā-upaśākhā—branches and subbranches    Adi 12.78
  tāṅra upaśākhā—his subbranch    Adi 10.48
  tāṅra upaśākhā—His subbranches    Adi 11.56
  upaśākhā lekhā—they are known as subbranches.    Adi 10.106
  upaśākhā-gaṇa—unnecessary creepers.    Madhya 19.159

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