Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: uparistat

  upariṣṭāt—above    SB 5.22.8, SB 5.22.11, SB 5.22.12, SB 5.22.13, SB 5.22.15, SB 5.22.16
  upariṣṭāt—situated higher    SB 4.9.25
  upariṣṭāt—hereafter (in the Eleventh Canto)    SB 5.4.11-12
  upariṣṭāt—on the top    SB 5.20.30
  upariṣṭāt—later    SB 5.24.1
  upariṣṭāt—later (in the Eighth Canto)    SB 5.24.27
  upariṣṭāt—a little above    SB 5.26.5
  upariṣṭāt—in the course of describing the sons of Viśvāmitra    SB 9.7.23
  tat-upariṣṭāt—on the top of Lokāloka Mountain    SB 5.20.39

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