Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: upare

  upare—upon    Adi 10.31, Madhya 2.55, Madhya 9.55, Madhya 21.145, Antya 4.44, Antya 6.45, Antya 9.14
  upare—on top    Madhya 1.156, Madhya 19.80, Antya 7.110-111, Antya 11.69
  upare—on the top    Adi 9.21, Madhya 4.81, Madhya 13.20
  upare—beyond    Adi 6.65-66
  upare—upon it    Adi 17.39
  upare—upon the food    Madhya 15.227
  upare—on the bank    Madhya 18.135
  upare—above    Antya 6.63
  upare—on the platform    Antya 6.68
  upare—over    Antya 14.67
  upare—on the head    Antya 15.66

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: upare

  tomara upare—upon you    Madhya 6.106, Madhya 13.187, Madhya 15.165
  cabutara-upare—on the raised platform    Antya 6.60
  sankara-upare—upon Sankara    Madhya 11.147
  carana-upare—on the lotus feet.    Madhya 12.101
  sirera upare—over the head    Madhya 15.24
  sri-rupa-upare—upon Sri Rupa Gosvami    Madhya 19.255
  sridhara-upare—above Sridhara Svami    Antya 7.134
  cangera upare—on the canga    Antya 9.135
  danda-upare—upon that staff    Madhya 5.149
  dharani-upare—on the surface of the earth    Madhya 3.166
  durga-mandapa-upare—on the altar of the Durga-mandapa.    Antya 3.150
  ghatera upare—on the bank    Madhya 15.128-129
  govardhana-upare—upon the hill known as Govardhana    Madhya 18.23
  hrdaya-upare—on My heart    Antya 20.58
  jalera upare—on the surface of the water    Madhya 14.88
  jalera upare—above the water    Madhya 18.137
  keha upare—some on the platform    Antya 6.70
  khadaga-upare—upon the swords    Antya 9.30
  khadegara upare—upon the swords    Antya 9.41
  krsnera upare—upon Krsna    Antya 7.124
  parvata-upare—on the top of the hill    Madhya 18.59
  parvata-upare yana—going up a hill.    Madhya 18.58
  pindara upare—on raised platforms    Madhya 12.158
  pindara upare—in an elevated place    Madhya 20.54
  pindara upare—upon the raised platform    Antya 4.23
  pindara upare—on a rock    Antya 6.44
  pindara upare—on the platform    Antya 18.103
  pindira upare—on the planks of wood    Madhya 3.69
  pindara upare—the top of the raised place where Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu was sitting with His devotees.    Antya 1.111
  prthivi-upare—to the ground.    Antya 15.49
  raghunathera upare—unto Raghunatha dasa    Antya 6.122
  rathera upare—on the car    Madhya 14.211
  sabara upare—above all.    Madhya 8.152
  skandhera upare—upon the trunk    Adi 9.17
  tadit-upare—upon the streaks of lightning    Antya 18.86
  tomara upare—upon you.    Madhya 11.146
  tahara upare—upon him    Madhya 15.292
  tanhara upare—upon him    Antya 3.170
  tanra upare—over Him    Antya 10.89
  tara upare—upon that    Antya 14.92
  upare vasaila—seated on the top.    Antya 6.64
  akasa-upare—in outer space    Adi 13.83