Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: uparata

  uparata—disregarded    SB 3.21.21
  uparata—being freed from    SB 5.7.11
  uparata—ceased    SB 5.10.14
  uparata—withdrawn    SB 6.9.36
  uparata—subsided    SB 1.3.34
  uparata—had ceased    SB 10.7.25

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: uparata

  uparata-akhila—completely turned back    SB 4.7.26
  uparata-anuvrttih—who was acting as if giving up His material body    SB 5.6.6
  uparata-anatmye—wherein identification with material things was stopped    SB 5.15.7
  uparata-anatmyaya—having no attachment for this material world    SB 5.19.11
  uparata-arih—one who has vanquished the enemies    SB 3.1.38
  uparata-karmanam—who are no longer interested in fruitive activities    SB 5.5.28
  uparata-rasah—stopped its playing    SB 5.8.22
  uparata-atmanah—who have control over the mind and senses    SB 5.14.39
  uparata-dhih—his mind and intelligence were fixed    SB 6.2.42