Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: upahasa

  upahasa—joking.    Madhya 5.39, Madhya 12.48, Antya 1.181
  upahasa—joking    Madhya 5.86
  upahasa—laughter.    Madhya 8.290

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: upahasa

  kare upahasa—joke    Antya 4.131
  karena upahasa—began to joke.    Antya 12.49
  loka kare upahasa—people will joke.    Madhya 20.92
  pandita kare upahasa—so-called scholars play jokes without perfect understanding.    Madhya 25.34
  upahasa kari—jokingly laughing    Madhya 17.115
  vakra-vakye kare upahasa—jokes with equivocal words    Madhya 14.148