Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: upa

  upa—more or less    SB 4.24.20
  upa—near    SB 4.25.26
  dui upa vāse—fasting for two days    Madhya 20.22
  upa patim—near the husband    SB 4.28.44
  upa-aṅga—devotees    Madhya 6.103
  upa-jaya—awakens.    Madhya 22.45
  upa-jaya—awaken    Madhya 22.134
  upa-purāṇeha—in the Upapurāṇas    Adi 3.82
  upa-suparṇam—on the back of Garuḍa    SB 8.5.29

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