Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: udyane

  udyane—in the garden    Madhya 1.134, Madhya 12.153, Madhya 14.94, Madhya 14.96, Madhya 14.103, Antya 19.88
  udyane—to the garden    Madhya 14.243
  udyane—the garden    Madhya 16.50
  udyane—in a garden    Antya 18.35
  udyane—to a garden.    Antya 19.78

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: udyane

  puspa-udyane—in the flower garden    Madhya 11.193, Madhya 13.202, Madhya 14.239
  udyane udyane—from garden to garden    Antya 18.5, Antya 18.5
  bahira udyane—in an outside garden    Madhya 16.101
  madhu-udyane—in the garden known as Jagannatha-vallabha    Antya 19.1
  nibhrta udyane—in a solitary place in the garden    Antya 5.14
  nana-puspa-udyane—in the various flower gardens    Madhya 14.121
  nana-udyane—in various gardens    Madhya 14.75
  puspa-udyane—into the garden at Gundica where the Lord stays    Madhya 11.55
  puspa-udyane—in a flower garden    Antya 20.137
  puspera udyane—in a garden of flowers    Madhya 11.175
  pura-udyane—within the palace garden    SB 9.18.6-7
  visva-udyane—in the garden of the universe    Madhya 25.276