Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ucuh

  ucuh—said    SB 1.1.6, SB 1.12.19, SB 1.19.19, SB 3.15.31, SB 3.15.32, SB 3.16.16, SB 3.19.30, SB 3.20.20, SB 4.1.56, SB 4.5.9 (and more...)
  ucuh—prayed    SB 4.7.34, SB 4.7.35
  ucuh—addressed    SB 1.12.15
  ucuh—began to say    SB 4.7.27
  ucuh—talked    SB 4.14.7
  ucuh—replied    SB 6.1.32
  ucuh—they said    SB 8.9.23
  ucuh—requested or spoke    SB 9.13.7

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ucuh

  sri-devah ucuh—the demigods said    SB 6.7.27, SB 6.9.21, SB 6.9.31, SB 6.10.5
  devah ucuh—the demigods said    SB 3.5.39, SB 3.15.3, SB 9.13.11
  pracetasah ucuh—the Pracetas said    SB 4.30.22, SB 4.31.5
  yamadutah ucuh—the order carriers of Yamaraja said    SB 6.1.40, SB 6.3.4
  bhadrasravasah ucuh—the ruler Bhadrasrava and his intimate associates said    SB 5.18.2
  sri-caranah ucuh—the inhabitants of the Carana planet said    SB 7.8.51
  sri-daitya-putrah ucuh—the sons of the demons said    SB 7.6.29-30
  sri-gandharvah ucuh—the inhabitants of Gandharvaloka (who are usually engaged as musicians of the heavenly planets) said    SB 7.8.50
  sri-kimpurusah ucuh—the inhabitants of Kimpurusa-loka said    SB 7.8.53
  sri-kinnarah ucuh—the inhabitants of the Kinnara planet said    SB 7.8.55
  sri-manavah ucuh—all the Manus offered their respectful obeisances by saying    SB 7.8.48
  sri-nagah ucuh—the inhabitants of Nagaloka, who look like serpents, said    SB 7.8.47
  sri-pitarah ucuh—the inhabitants of Pitrloka said    SB 7.8.44
  sri-prajapatayah ucuh—the great personalities who created the various living beings offered their prayers by saying    SB 7.8.49
  sri-prajapatayah ucuh—the prajapatis said    SB 8.7.21
  sri-siddhah ucuh—the inhabitants of Siddhaloka said    SB 7.8.45
  sri-vaitalikah ucuh—the inhabitants of Vaitalika-loka said    SB 7.8.54
  sri-vidyadharah ucuh—the inhabitants of Vidyadhara-loka prayed    SB 7.8.46
  sri-visnu-parsadah ucuh—the associates of Lord Visnu in Vaikunthaloka said    SB 7.8.56
  sri-visnudutah ucuh—the blessed messengers of Lord Visnu spoke    SB 6.1.38
  sri-visnudutah ucuh—the Visnudutas said    SB 6.2.2
  sri-yaksah ucuh—the inhabitants of the Yaksa planet prayed    SB 7.8.52
  sri-rsayah ucuh—the great sages said    SB 7.8.43
  devyah ucuh—the wives of the demigods said    SB 4.23.25
  devah ucuh—the demigods replied    SB 4.1.30
  devah ucuh—all the demigods said    SB 4.8.81
  drstva ucuh—disclosed the fact after one year    SB 10.12.37
  kumarah ucuh—the Kumaras said    SB 3.15.46
  munayah ucuh—the sages said    SB 4.10.30
  munayah ucuh—the great sages said    SB 4.14.14
  patnyah ucuh—the wives of the executors of the sacrifice said    SB 4.7.33
  ramah ucuh—the women thus spoke    SB 4.26.17
  sadasah-patayah ucuh—the head priests said    SB 4.13.31
  tam ucuh—replied to him    SB 10.4.30
  rsayah ucuh—the good sages said    SB 1.18.11
  rsayah ucuh—the glorified sages uttered    SB 3.13.34
  rsayah ucuh—the sages said    SB 4.15.3
  rtvijah ucuh—the priests said    SB 5.3.4-5