Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ucitam

  ucitam—honor.    SB 4.2.12
  ucitam—befitting    SB 4.11.8
  ucitam—is befitting    Madhya 9.269
  ucitam—deserving.    SB 1.14.38
  ucitam—suitable    Madhya 22.98

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ucitam

  dhatri-ucitam—just suitable for the nurse    SB 3.2.23
  kriya-ucitam—according to the activity.    SB 4.7.51
  kula-ucitam—exactly befitting your dynasty    SB 8.19.2
  parthiva-ucitam—just befitting a king    SB 1.17.43-44
  tat-ucitam—this is quite befitting him    SB 5.14.44
  yatha-ucitam—as far as possible    SB 4.22.50
  yatha-ucitam—as each deserves.    SB 8.16.43
  yatha-ucitam—as was suitable    SB 10.5.15-16