Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ucchista

  ucchista—remnants of food    Madhya 3.74, Madhya 15.237, Antya 16.8, Antya 16.9, Antya 16.13
  ucchista—food remnants    Adi 17.230
  ucchista—of the remnants of food    Madhya 1.13
  ucchista—remnants    Antya 16.145
  ucchista—after eating    SB 6.18.50
  ucchista—just after eating    SB 6.18.60

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ucchista

  krsnera ucchista—remnants of the food of Krsna    Antya 16.59
  ucchista-bhajana—eater of the remnants of food    Adi 8.41
  ucchista-bhajana—the remnants of His food.    Antya 10.151
  ucchista-garte—in the pit where the remnants of food were thrown    Adi 14.73
  ucchista-garte—in the ditch where refuse was thrown    Antya 16.36
  ucchista-lepan—the remnants of foodstuff    SB 1.5.25
  ucchista-marjana—washing the dishes    Adi 10.155
  ucchista-pata—remnants of food    Madhya 16.226
  vaisnava-ucchista khaibara—of eating the remnants of food left by Vaisnavas    Antya 20.128