Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ucca

  ucca—loud    SB 4.5.10, Adi 17.207, Madhya 17.34, Antya 3.69, Antya 14.100
  ucca—high    SB 4.29.30-31, Adi 13.90, Antya 15.74
  ucca—very loudly    Madhya 6.37
  ucca—puffed up    Madhya 13.11
  ucca—raised    Antya 3.209
  ucca kari—very loudly.    Madhya 9.59, Antya 14.59, Antya 17.20, Antya 18.74
  ucca kari—loudly    Madhya 17.221, Antya 18.74
  ucca saṅkīrtana—loud chanting of the Hare Kṛṣṇa mantra    Antya 3.72, Antya 3.76
  ucca-avaceṣu—both gigantic and minute    Adi 1.55, Madhya 25.126
  ati-ucca—very high    Madhya 15.123
  ati-ucca-nipāta—because of falling from a great height    SB 5.16.19
  bhūteṣu ucca-avaceṣu—in the minute and gigantic    SB 2.9.35
  mahā-ucca-saṅkīrtane—by a great and loud performance of chanting    Madhya 12.140
  ucca kariyā—loudly.    Madhya 3.13
  ucca kariyā—resounding very loudly.    Antya 3.229
  ucca kariyā—very loudly    Antya 14.69
  ucca saṅkīrtana—loud congregational chanting    Antya 7.75
  ucca-avacaiḥ—with various    SB 3.29.24
  ucca-avacaiḥ—higher or lower according to the different positions in the varṇāśrama-dharma (brāhmaṇa, kṣatriya, vaiśya and śūdra)    SB 5.22.4
  ucca-avacaiḥ—both great and small    SB 7.11.26-27
  ucca-avacatvam—the quality of higher or lower grades of life    SB 8.24.6
  ucca-avaceṣu—the lower and higher living entities    SB 7.10.20
  ucca-avaceṣu—having higher or lower bodily forms    SB 8.24.6
  ucca-avacān—high class and low class    SB 7.2.46
  ucca-avacān—superior or inferior    SB 8.16.49
  ucca-avacāni—high and low    SB 6.19.17
  ucca-avacāni—lower and higher    SB 8.24.34-35
  ucca-avacāni—of different values    SB 9.10.35-38
  ucca-avacāḥ—high and low    SB 5.25.15
  ucca-dhvani—a loud sound    Madhya 17.45
  ucca-giri—high hills    Antya 15.19
  ucca-gāna—loud singing    Madhya 12.141
  ucca-saṅkīrtana—loud chanting.    Antya 17.9
  ucca-ṭuṅgite—on a high platform    Madhya 15.121

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