Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ubhayatra

  ubhayatra—both the upper and lower or inside and outside    SB 1.19.6
  ubhayatra—in both cases    SB 4.4.1
  ubhayatra—in both ways    SB 4.28.35-36
  ubhayatra—always (during both day and night, or both in this life and the next)    SB 5.18.18
  ubhayatra—around both the sun and moon    SB 5.24.3
  ubhayatra—in both ways (spiritually and materially)    SB 7.9.47
  ubhayatra—for both occasions    SB 7.15.3

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ubhayatra

  ubhayatra api—both in God and in the living entity    SB 3.7.15