Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tyage

  tyage—in the matter of renunciation    Bg 18.4
  tyage—in renunciation    SB 8.20.6
  tyage—giving up    Madhya 11.114
  tyage—to give up    Antya 16.128
  tyage—renounce    Antya 17.33

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: tyage

  deha-tyage—by committing suicide    Antya 4.55
  deha-tyage—by giving up the body    Antya 4.56
  karaya tyage—causes to give up    Madhya 21.143
  pati-tyage—to give up one's husband    Antya 17.36
  vrndavana-tyage—to leave Vrndavana    Madhya 18.152