Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tyagah

  tyagah—renunciation    Bg 16.1-3, Bg 18.4, Bg 18.9, SB 8.8.21
  tyagah—renunciation, acceptance of sannyasa, or charity    Adi 17.76, Madhya 20.137, Madhya 25.137, Antya 4.59
  tyagah—magnanimity    SB 1.16.26-30
  tyagah—giving in charity at least fifty percent of oneís income    SB 7.11.8-12
  tyagah—giving charity    SB 7.11.22

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: tyagah

  karma-phala-tyagah—renunciation of the results of fruitive action    Bg 12.12
  kriya-tyagah—to give up the duty of a householder    SB 7.15.38-39
  vrata-tyagah—to give up vows and austerity    SB 7.15.38-39