Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tvat

  tvat—Your    SB 1.8.39, SB 3.15.48, SB 3.21.14, SB 3.21.17, SB 4.9.23, SB 4.20.31, SB 4.24.67, SB 4.25.31, SB 4.30.31, SB 6.14.24 (and more...)
  tvat—by You    SB 3.9.17, SB 3.12.30, SB 5.18.23, SB 7.3.35, SB 8.22.20
  tvat—of You    SB 6.16.44, Madhya 2.58, Madhya 4.197, Antya 8.34
  tvat—you    Bg 11.48, SB 3.9.1, Antya 3.197
  tvat—than You    SB 1.8.9, SB 4.25.38, SB 7.9.48
  tvat—from You    SB 4.20.23, SB 4.30.31
  tvat—to You    Adi 3.89, Antya 3.92
  tvat—Yourself    Bg 6.39
  tvat—in You    SB 5.18.22
  tvat—but for You    SB 7.9.44
  tvat—from your good self    SB 8.19.27
  abhinna-tvāt—due to not being different    Madhya 17.133
  tvat anye—other than you    SB 4.4.16
  tvat-aṅga-jam—produced from your body.    SB 4.4.23
  tvat-aṅghri—your feet    SB 4.25.28
  tvat-aṅghri—Your lotus feet    SB 4.30.32
  tvat-anugrahaḥ—Your causeless mercy    SB 8.23.2
  tvat-anugrahāt—by Your mercy.    SB 3.25.8
  tvat-anyaḥ—anyone other than you    SB 6.3.2
  tvat-anyaḥ—without taking shelter at Your lotus feet.    SB 7.9.21
  tvat-anyena—besides you    Bg 11.47
  tvat-aparam—other than Your Lordship    Madhya 22.96
  tvat-avaloka—by seeing You    SB 6.16.45
  tvat-bhaktaḥ—fully attached to You without motivation    SB 7.10.6
  tvat-bhakte—unto Your devotee    SB 7.10.15-17
  tvat-caraṇa—unto Your lotus feet    SB 4.20.27
  tvat-caraṇa-abja-reṇubhiḥ—by the dust of your lotus feet    SB 5.13.22
  tvat-caraṇa-ambuja-anusevām—service to the lotus feet of Your Lordship    SB 6.9.39
  tvat-caraṇa-aravindayoḥ—at Your lotus feet    SB 10.2.37
  tvat-caraṇa-arpita-ātmanām—of those who are completely surrendered at your lotus feet    SB 4.6.46
  tvat-caraṇa-avanejanaiḥ—which washed Your lotus feet    SB 8.18.31
  tvat-śravasā—by your glory    SB 4.19.28
  tvat-śāsana-atigān—who transgress your rulings    SB 8.22.34
  tvat-dattayā—given by You    SB 4.9.8
  tvat-kathā—Your pastimes    SB 4.7.35
  tvat-kṛtayā—because of you    SB 6.16.2
  tvat-kṛte—for you    SB 3.14.10
  tvat-mayāḥ—being absorbed in You    Madhya 20.173
  tvat-mukha-ambhoja-cyutam—emanating from your lotus mouth    SB 10.1.13
  tvat-mūrtiḥ—Your form    Adi 4.125
  tvat-māyayā—by Your external potency    SB 4.7.44
  tvat-māyayā—by Your illusory energy    SB 5.19.15
  tvat-māyayā—by Your external energy    SB 6.11.27
  tvat-māyayā—by Your illusory, external energy    SB 10.2.28
  tvat-māyā—through Your material energy    SB 9.8.25
  tvat-padakaiḥ—by Your lotus feet    SB 10.2.38
  tvat-para-anugraheṇa—by compassion like Yours.    SB 4.7.29
  tvat-prasādāt—by Your mercy    Bg 18.73
  tvat-priyā—your beloved    SB 4.26.17
  tvat-pāda—to Your feet    SB 3.19.30
  tvat-pāda-abjam—of Your lotus feet    SB 10.3.27
  tvat-pāda-darśana—seeing Your lotus feet.    Madhya 16.132
  tvat-pāda-potena—by boarding such a boat as Your lotus feet    SB 10.2.30
  tvat-pārśvayoḥ—on both sides    SB 10.6.22-23
  tvat-rūpam—your manifestation    SB 9.5.7
  tvat-samaḥ—equal to You    Bg 11.43
  tvat-tejasā—by your effulgence    SB 9.5.7
  tvat-upekṣitānām—who are neglected by You and not accepted by You.    SB 7.9.19
  tvat-vajra—of your thunderbolt    SB 6.11.21
  tvat-vīrya—of Your Lordship’s glories and activities    SB 7.9.43
  tvat-vīryeṇa—by your semen    SB 3.21.32
  tvat-vidhānām—like you    SB 3.17.31
  tvat-vidhāḥ—personalities like you    SB 4.17.20
  tvat-vidhāḥ—like Your Honor    SB 7.11.4
  tvat-vihīnā—being bereft of your good self    SB 9.10.26
  tvat-ṛte—except for you    SB 8.12.39
  tvat-āśrayatvāt—because of being controlled by You    SB 10.3.19

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