Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tusta

  tusta—satisfied    SB 7.13.39, Adi 15.20, Adi 16.15, Adi 17.98, Madhya 13.60, Antya 1.197
  tusta—pacified    Madhya 5.17, Madhya 17.81
  tusta—being pleased    SB 4.16.1
  tusta—fully satisfied    Madhya 5.65
  tusta—satisfied.    Madhya 8.214
  tusta—happy    Madhya 9.109
  tusta—pleased    Madhya 16.105
  tusta—being satisfied    SB 4.27.20

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: tusta

  tusta hana—being pleased    Madhya 3.149, Antya 4.128, Antya 8.30
  maha-tusta—very satisfied    Antya 16.118
  tusta ha-ila—satisfied    Antya 16.49
  tusta ha-ilan—I have be come satisfied    Madhya 5.114
  tusta haila—became very pleased    Madhya 5.134
  tusta haila—was very much pleased    Madhya 9.184
  tusta haila—became very happy    Antya 6.290
  tusta hana—being very much pleased    Madhya 1.261
  tusta hana—with great satisfaction.    Madhya 15.253
  tusta hana—being very pleased    Madhya 16.263-264
  tusta hana—being very satisfied    Antya 6.222
  tusta hana—when He became very happy    Antya 6.293
  tusta kaila—satisfied    Antya 20.57
  tusta kaile—you have satisfied    Antya 4.132
  tusta prabhu—the Lord is very much satisfied    Adi 10.32
  tusta-manah—fully satisfied    SB 1.6.26
  tusta-manah—being very satisfied (with Vasudevaís behavior in delivering the first child to keep his promise)    SB 10.1.59