Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tulasi

  tulasi—of tulasi leaves    SB 3.16.20, Madhya 17.142, Madhya 24.45, Madhya 25.158
  tulasi—tulasi leaves    Adi 13.70, Madhya 4.59, Madhya 4.63, Madhya 22.125
  tulasi—the tulasi plant    Antya 3.100, Antya 3.141, Antya 3.231, Antya 3.234
  tulasi—the tulasi leaves    SB 3.15.43, Madhya 24.115
  tulasi—of tulasi    Adi 3.104
  tulasi—a tulasi plant    Madhya 24.260
  tulasi—O tulasi plant    Antya 15.33
  tulasi—O tulasi    Antya 15.40
  tulasi-manjari—flowers of tulasi    Madhya 3.56, Madhya 15.9, Madhya 15.220, Antya 12.126
  jala-tulasi—Ganges water and tulasi leaves    Adi 6.94, Antya 3.224
  tulasi-manjari—the flowers of tulasi    Madhya 3.103, Madhya 15.254
  tulasi-manjari—flowers of the tulasi tree.    Madhya 15.227, Antya 6.296
  sri-tulasi—tulasi leaves    SB 1.19.6
  padicha-patra tulasi—Padichapatra Tulasi, the temple superintendent.    Madhya 15.20
  padicha-tulasi—the temple superintendent named Tulasi    Madhya 15.27
  puspa-tulasi—flowers and tulasi    Madhya 15.10
  tulasi namaskari—after offering obeisances to the tulasi plant    Antya 3.110
  tulasi padicha—the temple servant known as Tulasi    Madhya 25.233
  tulasi sevana—worship of the tulasi plant    Antya 3.137
  tulasi-jala—tulasi and water    Adi 3.105-106
  tulasi-jale—by tulasi leaves and Ganges water    Adi 6.34
  tulasi-manjari—buds of the tulasi plant    Adi 3.108
  tulasi-nava-damabhih—with garlands of fresh tulasi leaves    SB 10.13.49
  tulasi-padicha—Tulasi, the superintendent of the temple    Madhya 12.154-155
  tulasi-parikrama kara—circumambulate the tulasi plant    Madhya 24.261
  tulasi-sevana—just supply water to the root of tulasi-devi    Madhya 24.261
  tulasi-adi-gane—the plants and creepers, headed by the tulasi plant.    Antya 15.39
  tulasi-aharana—collecting tulasi leaves    Madhya 24.333
  tulasi-vat—like the tulasi leaves    SB 3.15.49

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