Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: trin

  trīn—three    Bg 14.20, Bg 14.21, SB 1.7.31, SB 1.16.3, SB 1.16.32-33, SB 1.17.12, SB 1.17.42, SB 3.14.39, SB 3.17.19, SB 4.1.15 (and more...)
  trīn—the three    SB 5.20.37, SB 7.15.62
  trīn—three (divisions)    SB 1.6.31
  trīn—the three categories of experience (happiness, distress and a mixture of both)    SB 6.1.50
  trīn—three (upper, lower and middle)    SB 7.4.5-7
  trīn—within the three worlds    SB 8.14.7
  lokān trīn—the three worlds    SB 7.10.54-55

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