Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tribhih

  tribhiḥ—three    Bg 7.13, SB 1.8.6, SB 3.3.18, SB 3.30.24, SB 4.31.10, SB 6.5.37, SB 7.1.39, SB 8.19.22, SB 8.19.33
  tribhiḥ—by three    Bg 18.40, SB 3.16.22
  tribhiḥ—three times    SB 1.12.34, SB 3.11.6
  tribhiḥ—these three    SB 5.17.21, Adi 2.53
  tribhiḥ—with three    SB 8.2.2-3, SB 8.10.41
  tribhiḥ—three kinds of    Bg 16.22
  tribhiḥ—by the three    SB 2.5.20
  tribhiḥ—by the three modes of nature    SB 3.5.48
  tribhiḥ—from the three Vedas    SB 3.13.25
  tribhiḥ—with three eyes    SB 3.14.25
  tribhiḥ—within three months.    SB 3.31.3
  tribhiḥ—the three principal deities (Lord Viṣṇu, Lord Brahmā and Lord Śiva)    SB 7.4.13
  tribhiḥ tribhiḥ—by threes.    SB 4.10.8, SB 4.10.8
  tribhiḥ tribhiḥ—with each three and three    SB 5.22.14, SB 5.22.14
  tribhiḥ tribhiḥ—by three    SB 5.23.3, SB 5.23.3
  tribhiḥ lokaiḥ—even by possessing the three worlds    SB 8.19.24

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